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Welcome to MAARS!

Based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul (Twin Cities) area of Minnesota, Midwest Avian Adoption & Rescue Services (MAARS) was founded in July 1999 to provide much-needed services for captive parrots and other birds in the Midwest in cooperation with other organizations around the USA and world.


The Landing is now a Sanctuary

July 2, 2013

Dear Family, Friends, Members, and Supporters :

MAARS has begun the exciting and challenging steps to update our mission. We will still be advocates, educators, and caregivers to parrots, but we will be doing this a sanctuary, not as a rescue organization.

MAARS has gone through a great deal of change in the past 3 years that have, at times, regretfully impacted our ability to consistently communicate. During this tumultuous period our primary focus remained the health and well-being of our flock who depend and trust in us to take care of them.

When we moved in 2009 we were excited and cautious in that we knew the health of the flock could be in jeopardy. A move is a stressful time for everyone. In April 2009 we received test results that showed our flock had been exposed to Proventricular Dilation Disease (PDD). Current research suggests that it is an immune mediated disease caused by the Avian Borna Virus (ABV) and that between 40 to 60% of the captive parrot population are ABV positive. Very little is known about this disease including how it is transmitted, which ABV positive birds will become symptomatic for PDD, and how to cure it.

2009 and 2010 were an emotional and challenging time for our volunteers, senior staff, and board of directors. We reached out to vets, colleges, and other professionals to better understand the disease and develop an effective treatment plan. This lead to partnerships with veterinary researchers both locally & nationally; University of Minnesota, Texas A & M, and Dr. Vicki Schultz amongst others. These partnerships helped us stay abreast of new research and treatment protocols relating to the disease. In late 2009 we formulated and implemented a ground-breaking treatment plan that has proven with time to have successfully stabilized the health of the flock.

We are happy to let everyone know that our flock is doing well. They are playful, energetic and boisterous. This is due to the multi-year efforts of the MAARS team, from our dedicated medical staff to volunteers and supporters.

Due of the lack of knowledge on this disease and the danger of exposing additional parrots to PDD, we can no longer pursue our intake and adoption program. For this reason, we are referring all adoption applications to other adoption organizations. We will work with foster homes when former MAARS parrots need to be surrendered back into our care.

The upkeep and medicinal support the flock needs to maintain the best possible quality of life is expensive. Over the last year MAARS has tried some new fundraising events in an attempt to be able to fulfill these needs and counter the loss of funds associated with no longer handling adoptions. We hope this will be our greatest area of development in the next year. As these initiatives are in their early stages, we need your help. Please take time today to make a donation or purchase items that benefits the flock from the links below. Given that MAARS is a non-profit organization staffed completely by volunteers, all donations go directly for the health and well- being of our flock. All contributions are greatly appreciated.

From each and every member of the MAARS team and our flock - Thank you


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Unique Holiday Gifts from the MAARS Flock!

Louie Painting

Moluccan Cockatoo Cowboy working on the finishing touches

November 15, 2012

Dear Family, Friends, Members, and Supporters :

The MAARS Flock is delighted to offer unique gifts for this holiday season. Our flock has been hard at work painting and posing to bring you these special items including original acrylic on canvas paintings, a 2013 MAARS Flock Calendar, and holiday cards.

Place your orders today as many items are one of a kind or limited supply. All items will be available for purchase through January 1, 2013 or while supplies last. 100% of proceeds from the sale of all items will go to care for the MAARS flock.

Please also take special notice of other ways you can help the flock by making your online holiday purchases through igive and GoodSearch. Items bought through these sites at some of the most popular online retailers help support the MAARS flock at no additional cost to you. In addition, you can support MAARS & purchase gifts for the MAARS flock, your family, friends, and even yourself at some of our online retail partners; Nuts Online, Benefit Wines, Rescue Roast Gourmet Coffee. Just follow the links at the bottom of this entry to visit our retail partners online shops.

We hope these items will bring you and yours as much enjoyment as the MAARS volunteers had with the flock during their creation .

Wishing you a holiday season filled with much love & happiness,

The MAARS Flock



MAARS 2013 Flock Calendar


MAARS Flock Holiday Cards


Parrots Can Paint!


Parrot Painting Holiday Cards


Lucky - Based on a True Story


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It's time to RAISE the ROOF at MAARS!

April 19, 2012

Since purchasing and moving into our new facility in 2009, MAARS has made tremendous strides towards improving both the interior and exterior of the building and sanctuary space. We are therefore able to insure the health and welfare of the MAARS Flock and create a healthy and hospitable work environment for staff and volunteers.

These improvements include:

  • lighting upgrades that are close to full spectrum through-out the facility;
  • room remodeling that improves Flock care and facility operations;
  • new flooring;
  • and a number of all the other things that makes a building a home and a place you can call your own - painting, organizing, and decorating.

Early this year, the Landing's roof developed a leak. To ensure the Flock's health and make sure that the leak does not worsen and endanger their health and welfare we must begin immediate repairs to avert a larger problem and provide for a safe environment.

We are now calling on our friends & supporters to help; with your help we can RAISE the ROOF FOR THE FLOCK!

By participating in MAARS' RAISE the ROOF Capital Improvement Fund you will help MAARS ensure that we will maintain our high standards for avian care and you will help to improve the lives of the close to 100 birds who call The Landing home.

By an amazing act of generosity MAARS has a MATCHING DONOR for up to $10,000. This means that any dollar amount you give will be matched and is deeply appreciated! We have also secured a bid for this project, but work cannot start on this until sufficient funds have been raised which is why we need each and every one of you to contribute to this effort. Your donation will ensure health and safety for the entire flock at The Landing. We are asking all of our supporters to please act now and give generously to aid this crucial step in improving the safety and well-being for all who work at and reside in our facility.

Do you know that our MAARS' sanctuary and programs are supported entirely by charitable donations? MAARS does not receive any funding from government, state, county or city sources. Please give generously to MAARS RAISE the ROOF Capital Improvement Fund today & help us ensure the highest care standards are met for all members of the MAARS flock. We cannot do this without your continued support.

The MAARS staff and Board of Directors would like to extend their sincere thanks to Dale MacLean for her incredible generosity in becoming our MATCHING DONOR for MAARS RAISE the ROOF Capital Improvement Fund.

With gratitude for your support,

Galiena Cimperman
Executive Director



How you can help RAISE the ROOF at MAARS:


Make a tax deductible donation to the MAARS RAISE the ROOF Capital Improvement Fund via our secure online shopping cart, or


Mail a check to:

Attn: RAISE the ROOF Fund

1360 University Ave W., #347
Saint Paul, MN 55104


New Executive Director of Midwest Avian Adoption & Rescue Services, Inc. (MAARS)

January 23, 2012

The MAARS Board of Directors is pleased to announce the promotion of Ms. Galiena Cimperman to the role of MAARS Executive Director and board member effective January 1, 2012. Founder and CEO Eileen McCarthy is taking a much deserved sabbatical to focus on specific animal protection and advocacy issues that she initiated while leading MAARS since its founding over 13 years ago. Eileen will continue her affiliation with MAARS by serving on the Board of Directors after her leave.

Galiena will have responsibility for all day-to-day operations of the MAARS facility, The Landing, and the MAARS organization and programs, as well as direct supervision of the Senior Staff. As Executive Director, Galiena plans to maintain MAARS’ “Birds First” strategy that helps to make the sanctuary a unique environment for both the avian and human flock.

Galiena joined MAARS in 2004 as a volunteer and was promoted to a Shift Manager in 2005 when she began working more closely as an assistant with Eileen on avian medical and behavior concerns and management. In 2007, Galiena formally joined the MAARS Senior Staff Leadership Team where she held the position of Director of Intake Services. She has also served as a Placement Counselor overseeing placements and as a valuable member of the Avian Care Committee, which is responsible for overseeing the health, well-being, and medical needs of our Flock.

As founder of MAARS and its Executive Director since 2004, Eileen oversaw the busiest captive avian welfare, intake, placement and advocacy program in the country. From 2001-2009 MAARS placed over 1500 birds into permanent homes. She was also a leader in establishing welfare guidelines for parrots in shelters and developing a shelter handbook for non-avian rescues to be able to care for any birds surrendered into their care.

MAARS is the oldest avian rescue in the Midwest and continues to be a leader in avian protection. It was founded in July 1999 by Eileen and others in response to the ever-increasing need for sanctuary for displaced parrots, promotion of well-being of parrots in captivity, education and conservation. In addition, MAARS has been dedicated to help end the legal and illegal trade in wild animals as pets.

Under Eileen’s leadership MAARS launched the first-in-the-nation in-store parrot adoption program with PetSmart in St. Louis Park, MN. She worked tirelessly with other organizations to bring the welfare issues of captive parrots into the forefront.

The year 2009 was a turning point in MAARS’ evolution when Eileen initiated the purchase of its own building to permanently house the MAARS Flock. This achievement symbolizes MAARS’ deep commitment to the future to secure the long-term wellbeing of the MAARS flock. It is literally a brick and mortar symbol of the enduring commitment to MAARS’ mission, vision and the future.

While Eileen’s leadership and vision will be greatly missed, Galiena’s experience, skills, and commitment to the Flock and the organization will allow MAARS to maintain its high standards and core principles.

MAARS is a 501c-3, non-profit avian rescue providing permanent sanctuary and rehabilitative services to approximately 85 parrots living in captivity.







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