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Baby - Citron Cockatoo (Photo  1999 Jamie McCarthy)Bird Adoption Services

Adoption into qualified, non-breeding homes is the preferred option for most parrots and other captive birds. Caring for a captive bird requires a serious commitment especially if the bird is older and has suffered from neglect, abuse, or ignorance on the part of its former human companion. 

What Birds Are Available for Adoption Through MAARS?

While we have far more birds than qualified adoptive homes, we are very protective of the individuals we have come to know and care for. We carefully screen prospective adopters with home visits and interviews, assessing their ability to provide patience, quality care, stability, and love.

The omission of photos and descriptions of birds available for adoption on this website is intentional. We prefer to get to know you better before discussing specific birds that would be right for you! Also, we admit birds into MAARS programs weekly, sometimes daily! We would not be able to keep website listings up-to-date, and we may have new birds come in while processing your Placement Application.

We do, however, proudly display stories and photos of some selected MAARS birds in the Our Birds section.

How Do I Adopt a MAARS Bird?

In order to ensure that a bird is placed in the environment best suited to meet its needs, all applicants must successfully complete the placement process. All placements will be made in the best interest of the bird, and decided by a majority vote of the MAARS Placement Committee. The placement process requires:

  A thoroughly completed MAARS Placement Application. You may submit your application online, by mail, or by fax.

  A phone interview with a MAARS Placement Counselor.

  2 references from people who have known you for 5 years or more.

  1 reference from an avian veterinarian or your regular veterinarian. (If you do not have a vet we ask that you contact MAARS for assistance with this step.)

  1 or more visits with the bird(s) being considered for placement.

  Attendance at the MAARS Basic Bird Care Class.

  A home visit from a MAARS representative.

  Housing arrangements approved by the Placement Counselor for the bird being considered for placement.

  Agreement to all terms of the Placement Contract.

The MAARS Placement Committee thoroughly consider all applicants within a sixty-mile radius of the Twin Cities. All placements are approved or denied based on the submitted Placement Application, telephone interview, personal interview at The Landing, home interview, references, recommendation of the Placement Counselor, and majority vote of the MAARS Placement Committee. In addition, some applicants may be required to volunteer at The Landing before the adoption of an individual bird is approved.

Approved placement applicants are required to obtain a MAARS-approved cage for the bird to be adopted, participate in a MAARS Basic Bird Care Class, demonstrate a clear understanding of the individual bird's needs, agree to follow-up phone calls and visits from a MAARS Placement Counselor or Representative, and sign a legally binding Placement Contract. MAARS Directors, Volunteer Staff, family, friends, and associates must meet the same stringent criteria to become an approved MAARS adoption home.

Every MAARS Adopter receives a copy of all available history and medical records of the bird adopted. MAARS Placement Counselors work closely with adopters throughout the placement process and after the bird has been placed in his/her new home to ensure a successful adjustment and the continued well-being of the adopted bird.

Placement Applications that fail to meet all of MAARS' requirements for adoptive homes will be denied and the applicant will be contacted by a MAARS Placement Counselor. An applicant previously approved as a MAARS adoptive home may or may not be approved to adopt another bird or birds from MAARS.

What Are MAARS' Adoption Restrictions?

  If you live more than 60 miles outside the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, it may be difficult to fulfill all the steps required in our placement process.

  It is the policy of MAARS to place birds with adults over 18 years of age minors may not apply to adopt a bird. However, applications submitted by a parent or guardian of a minor will be considered, providing that the parent or guardian agrees to all terms in the Placement Contract.

  We DO NOT ship birds. You must live within driving distance of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area to adopt from MAARS at this time. If you do not live in our area, please visit our Bird Rescue, Adoption & Sanctuary Links page to locate a bird placement organization near you.

What Criteria Does MAARS Use to Evaluate Placement Applicants?

Home Evaluation

These are the things MAARS Placement Counselors or Representatives look at when determining whether or not to approve an applicant for the placement of a bird in his/her/their home.

Bird Adoption Application Evaluation Guide

MAARS follows the suggestions found on this guide to evaluate all Placement Applications.

How Much Does MAARS Charge for Adoption Fees?

MAARS does not profit from the placement fees — they are a reflection of the average cost of care provided for that bird species, including veterinary medical care. However, in order to in order to maintain our programs and our high standard of avian care, we must charge reasonable placement fees. Many birds will need our care indefinitely some for the rest of their lives. Every dollar that MAARS brings in is used to promote our mission and provide for birds in need.

The placement fee is due in full at the time of placement (when contract is signed).

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